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Top of the Round

Jan 13, 2020

Join Sally Scoop as she takes a deep dive to uncover the secrets of what makes Brad Report, the most disreputable and prolific Newscaster in all of Ishnar, tick.


Written and Produced by Nikki Richardson

Sally Scoop and Talice performed by Nikki Richardson

Brad Report and additional voice performed by Jordache Richardson

Brad's mom and additional voices performed by Bethany Yadon

Brevato Morgan performed by David Young @skeletond100 on Twitter

Marcus Lemmington performed by Darwin Demaree

Eunice performed by Alixandria Young-Jui from Pomegranates and Pitchforks

Additional voices performed by Joseph Yadon

Kenon Pearce as himself


Medieval Adventure by DogisReal licensed through AudioJungle/Envato - Music Broadcast License and Standard License -


Breaking News by NoiseWorld licensed through AudioJungle/Envato - Music Broadcast and Standard License -


Music from
"My Destiny" by Luca Fraula (
License: CC BY (


Music from
"High Altitude " by Rafael Krux (
License: CC BY (


Music from
"A Sinister Feeling" by Nicolas Iglesias (
License: CC BY-SA (


"Tyrant" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License  


"record scratch" by luffy ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License