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Top of the Round

Aug 15, 2022

As Chaz ties up loose ends in Kraken's Breach, Talice and her remaining conspirators make their way to Typhoon's Landing and start getting acquainted with the locals.

Kenon Pearce as DM and Various NPCs

Jordache Richardson as Chaz, Brad, and Serif

Nikki Richardson as Talice 



Sound editing and design by Jordache and Nikki Richardson



Kenon Pearce @mr_fugufish

Jordache Richardson @jdash24

Nikki Ri @nikkirivo



Twitter: @totrcast

Facebook: @topoftheround

Instagram: @topoftheround


Gail Yadon


Dawn Prewett

Holden Ray

Corey Pfautsch

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Breaking News by NoiseWorld licensed through AudioJungle/Envato - Music Broadcast and Standard License -

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Two Silly Monkeys 

The following music was used for this media project:
Music: The Art Of Getting By (feat. Pazi Gamer) by Lilo Sound
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Road to the Dark Tower by Rafael Krux,