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Top of the Round

Jun 20, 2022

Talice, alone and in hiding, is pushed to the darkest corners of Kraken's Breach.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Child Endangerment, Mentions of Self-Harm, Slavery

Kenon Pearce as DM and Various NPCs

Jordache Richardson as Chaz and Brad

Nikki Richardson as Talice 



Sound editing and design by Kenon Pearce and Nikki Richardson


Kenon Pearce @mr_fugufish

Jordache Richardson @jdash24

Nikki Ri @nikkirivo



Twitter: @totrcast

Facebook: @topoftheround

Instagram: @topoftheround


Gail Yadon



David Biggs

Dawn Prewett

Holden Ray

Corey Pfautsch

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Breaking News by NoiseWorld licensed through AudioJungle/Envato - Music Broadcast and Standard License -

Music Courtesy of

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